The pancotto is an extremely simple, but tasty recipe that comes directly from the peasant tradition, when all the strived is to to put something on the table while having very little in terms of ingredients. The ingredients are simple and cooking time is also short. Here is the recipe to prepare Pancotto for 2 people:


300 g of stale bread
Half a liter of water
A glass of milk
A knob of butter
Salt to taste
Pepper as needed
Extra virgin olive oil
Cheese (optional)

First you have to put the bread to soak in water for at least half an hour until the water is completely absorbed.

Ideally you should put it already in the pan where it will have to cook to avoid moving it. Once put on a low flame, add the milk, then the butter, salt and pepper.

Ingredients such as pepper have been added in the modern times, as the dish comes from medieval times.

The cooking lasts about 15 minutes, until the consistency of the bread is almost completely similar to that of a “pappa” or soup.

Once served, you can add to the taste of the cheese, like the taleggio that can give that extra touch of flavor to a dish that is already delicious in its simplicity.


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