Polenta Del Toc

Polente and polenta del toc are an essential dish of the gastronomic tradition of Lake Como.

Here is the recipe and preparation that is the same for all.

The polenta should be cooked in boiling water and stirred continuously for at least 50 minutes to avoid lumps.

At the end of cooking it should be placed on the cauldron and left to cool and then roasted on the grill.

On Lake Como, it is often used in combination with other dishes, as in the case of missoltini, but it can also be combined with meat and vegetables.

Some recipes involve the cooking of fried eggs on the plate with butter, in which the polenta is dipped.

Alternatively, you can taste alternating slices with hot cheese, or use the leftovers to mix it with potatoes: it is the crumbled polenta or “fregui de pulenta”. Put back to the fire to soften it.

The children used to taste polenta with sugar, which was sliced into sticks and could be filled with honey and jam instead of bread.


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