Pan di Mej

Pan di Mej, or bread of millet, was a traditional dessert that is still being prepared today on St. George’s Day, that is on April 23rd, when the herdsmen agreed to buy milk. These are small cakes flavored with elderflowers, which have been soaked in fresh cream. Here is the traditional recipe for about 10 cakes.

300 g of very fine yellow flour
200 g of double zero flour
150 g of melted butter
3 whole eggs
Dried elderberry blossoms q.b.
A pinch of salt
A loaf of yeast or powder

Melt the butter in a water bath and let it refill. Then mix the eggs, sugar and a handful of elderflowers in succession in a bowl. Mix vigorously or use a whisk, then add the butter, salt. Only after that add the 2 sifted flours. The result must be a very soft compound that easily takes shape during processing.

At this point, form many balls, many similar to sandwiches weighing about 60 g and crush them to form circles. You should get about 12.

Let them sit for half an hour and then bake at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes, not before distributing the remaining elderflowers.

Before tasting, they must be cooled down.


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