What to See in Argegno

Argegno is a jewel among the waters of Lake Como, between coniferous and deciduous forests and the mountains behind. The town has Roman origins if we consider some inscriptions on tombstones that show the name of the consul Publio Cesio Archigene in relation to the ancient Lecco.

The old town of Argegno is crossed by the Telo stream which, with its medieval stone bridge, preserves in a nearby shop an ancient mallet dating back to 1772.

The old town is perched on the side of the mountain, with houses over-looking medieval porticoes and leaning against each other, while the sunny new part is overlooking the shores of the lake, which once swarmed with factories and today is admired for the small pier.

Piazza Roma is the heart of Argegno where the Church of the Holy Trinity stands out with its neo-Romanesque façade and the colorful mosaics representing the patron Saint Anna, S. Abbondio and the four evangelists.

Also, worth visiting is the Sanctuary of S. Anna, located 3 km from where carved wood furnishings, frescoes and works attributed to Bianchi and Barberini are kept.

One of the most beautiful streets of Argegno is the Vicolo dei Mulini where the “Roggia Molinara” was built with the aim of channeling the waters of the stream and thus supplying energy to the mills that stood on the site.

To admire Argegno and the lake with Isola Comancina, it is possible to take the cableway that from the Valle d’Intelvi, where the village stands, transports the visitor to the balcony of the Lario.

Argegno paese veduta


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