What to See in Lugano

Lugano, the largest city in the Canton of Ticino, is a Swiss city, but mainly, Italian. Famous for the surrounding panorama and the lake view.

The historic center has medieval structures such as the cathedral dedicated to San Lorenzo which contains both Gothic and Renaissance elements. The heart of Lugano is Piazza della Riforma, where elegant cafés and bars can be found, it is the center of social life, often a place for public events.

Interesting is the Museum of Italian Swiss Art (MASI), housed inside the Royal Palace where you can admire works by Renoir, Edgar Degas, Gabriel Orozco and Pissarro.

Near the center, on the long lake it is necessary to walk and relax in the shade of old trees, among paths, flower beds and expanses of lawn. This is the Park of Villa Ciani, inside which there is the villa that gives its name to the park, the Palazzo dei Congressi, the Cantonal Library and the Natural History Museum. One area of the park is used as a playground for children.

Surrounded by nature and not far from the center is Monte Brè reachable via the Funicular, in the Cassarate. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view and on the horizon you can also see Monte Rosa.

You can have lunch in the premises along the slopes of the mountain or in the characteristic restaurants known as Grotti. Suggestive the village of Brè, a rural village at the foot of the mountain, where artists have left their works to decorate streets and squares.


Cover photo by Philippe Moret  via Wikimedia Commons

Cover photo by Valser via Wikimedia Commons


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